Hinesburg recently won a $240,000 Vermont Agency of Transportation Enhancement Grant.

The grant will provide nearly half the cost of a planned corridor improvement project on the west side of Vermont 116, between Charlotte Road and Hinesburg Community School. A $200,000 Safe Routes to School infrastructure grant, also from the Agency of Transportation, was approved in October.

The project consists of sidewalks, curbing, on-street parking, landscaping and a crosswalk at Charlotte Road.

Hinesburg participated last year in the Safe Routes to School program, coordinated by resident Pam Mathews.

"This will provide the missing link in the village, a critical part of the sidewalk network," Town Administrator Jeanne Wilson said.

Design, engineering and permitting will get under way this year with construction being completed in late 2009, Wilson said. By that time, work at the intersection of Silver Street and Vermont 116 also is expected to be finished.

The town will provide matching funds of about $100,000, or 20 percent of the total project cost of over $500,000, with part coming from reserve funds for the next two fiscal years.