Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Group Strives for Carbon Weight Loss

Joel Banner Baird
Free Press Staff Reporter
Wednesday, April 23 2008

HINESBURG -- Six Hinesburg residents worried about their weight: how to lose it; how to keep it off. They met last week to compare the results of an ambitious diet: to shed 5,000 pounds of carbon from their households' monthly consumption.

...Andrea Morgante, who hosted the Thursday's meeting, said holding herself to account in a group had accelerated her plans to find a fuel efficient car. She also said that, as a member of the Hinesburg Selectboard, she'd given more thought to the group's broader challenge: drawing the wider community into more thoughtful consumption. I'd like to challenge each department in the town to reduce their use of energy in ways that are appropriate for them," she said.

...Frank Twarog, who serves on the town's recreation commission and trails committee, set a "modest goal" to trim the carbon release from his commute: he would bicycle back home from his workplace in Burlington 20 times over the summer.

..."The best antidote for despair is action."

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