Wednesday, October 8, 2008

License and Regulate Bicycle Riders

Burlington Free Press
By Leonard Brown
October 4, 2008

As a motorist I have comments that are related to aggressive cyclists.

All bicycles must be inspected and issued license plates affixed to the bicycle by the inspector. This will give the motorist a method for reporting the aggressive cyclist.

All cyclists young and old must take a written exam and be given a license. A fee will be charged to offset all costs for the above.

There should be insurance to protect the motorist.

Proof of license and insurance must be presented when buying or renting a bicycle.

The bicyclist/driver problem cannot be fully resolved by local rule; it must be addressed at the state level.

South Burlington

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  1. Although probably somebody's bad joke, this may be a typical example of republican thinking. Bicycles have a long history of regulation, especially in Connecticut, and everywhere everyone gave up on it. Why? NOBODY ELSE IN THE WHOLE WORLD HAS EVER COMPLAINED ABOUT AN 'aggressive cyclist'. It's aggressive drivers of automobiles that the children must watch for in America.